Toccata in the Manner of JS Bach in the 21st Century

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This toccata has progressed through 3 stages, starting out life as a piano study in 1986.  In 1993, I was making a CD of my music for electronic keyboard, and decided to use the study as the basis for a 14 minute long piece entitled Light of Glory.  Whilst working on this, I found I needed to make some minor changes, as some bars were not working harmonically, so I decided to abandon the original study.

However, the year 2000 was the 250th anniversary of the death of J S Bach, and I was asked to write a tribute to the great master.  Rather than writing a new piece, I thought of incorporating the changes I made to the Light of Glory into the original study and, as the piece possesses a toccata-like character, I had the quirky idea that this is the kind of toccata Bach might have written had he lived in this century – hence the revised title!


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