Danses Concertantes

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Danses Concertantes is for string orchestra and was originally written in 2010 for the Shipley Arts Festival in the UK.  The composer is aware only of one other work of the same title, and that is by Stravinsky.  Whereas Stravinsky’s work is for full orchestra and is more of a dance suite, this piece is more of a mini concerto in three movements, the movements being imaginary dances: Dance of Fire, Dance of Tears and Dance of Joy.

For the composer, this sequence of dances expresses the human ability to overcome life’s many problems.  The ‘fire’ of the first movement is a metaphor for any problem we might encounter.  The second movement expresses the tears we shed, or the pain we feel, and the third movement expresses the joy at being able to overcome the problem in some way and for being a stronger person for having done so.  A chorale-like theme is introduced part way through by a ‘concertino’ group of solo strings and the work closes joyfully with this choral played tutti.

Although conceived as a concert piece, dancers are welcome to provide choreography.