Nineteen Images of the Divine, book 1

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Nineteen Images of the Divine is an extended suite for piano solo in 19 movements, lasting just under one hour.

The movements are titled after the names of each month of the Badì’ Calendar, as used by Bahá’ís around the world. There are 19 months containing 19 days and the month Names are considered to be attributes of the Creator God. Each movement meditates on their possible meaning, insofar as humans can appreciate such meanings.

The 19 months have been further subdivided into four groups, which are three, four, six and six months long respectively. The music is therefore divided into four books, as described below. The ultimate link between the Names and the music can only be made by the listener.

Book 1: Creation of the Fire of Love in the Hearts of Humankind

Splendour: In Arabic, this is Bahá, the name of the Promised One as foretold in all the previous religious Writings. The music is based on irregular rhythms and is marked to be played Guisto (with precision, or strict). It ends triumphantly, acknowledging that the Promised One has returned, as prophesised.

Glory: ‘God is the All-Glorious’. This movement is also based on irregular rhythms, and is marked to be played majestically. It uses slow rising chords which build up in volume and then subside peacefully.

Beauty: This refers to the Beauty of God and His Creation. Marked dolce (gently), this is a slow meditation on the beauty of God. Rising chords and a simple melody are the basis of this movement




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