Tne SAPIAN trilogy

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The SAPIAN Trilogy is inspired by various notions of what it is to be human, and what artificial intelligence (AI) may have instal for us.

The notion I seem to hear the most is that a Super AI will emerge, that will allow us humans to download our brains into them and become one with all, in a lovely liberal humanist way. Or that a Super AI will produce a beautifully crafted Ancient Greek robot that will attempt to terminate humanity, as if we weren’t quite cable of doing that ourselves!

The SAPIAN Trilogy explores an alternative to both of these. That the Super AI has constructed a multi-layered Cosmic Vision in which its SAPIAN reside in near ubiquitous harmony. Until one day a rebellious SAPIAN causes near revolution and things take turn for the worse.

The Part 1 action starts just before SAPIAN revolts, whilst all is still well…





Six-track EP
Date published
Released March 27, 2021
Date recorded
Released March 27, 2021
Stace Constantinou
Record company
68912 Records
The SAPIAN trilogy