Stace Constantinou is a musician who composes for solo instruments, ensembles and electronic music (live and fixed media). Having studied piano, composition and electronic music at Huddersfield University he went on to Kingston University where he took a PhD in composition (awarded in 2015).

Aged nine he won a scholarship to attend music school where he received grounding in the classical music tradition. Later, his electronic piece 'Desert Storm' won the 1993 Ricordi Prize for Best Composition. And notable performers including Jane Manning OBE, Christopher Redgate, Rhodri Davies, and Kate Ryder have premiered his solo pieces.

Influenced by music of the Western lineage from ancient through to classical and contemporary times, mathematical ideas have also guided his composing, for example numerical, geometrical and statistical models of pattern types. As have a broad range of philosophical ideas from Plato, Aristotle, Rameau, Kant, Russell, P. Schaeffer to contemporary writings on chaos theory.

Having held positions at Morley College and Kingston University he now works as a freelance musician, teacher and producer. His works have been performed in concerts and festivals in Britain, on BBC national radio and Resonance FM, as well as on the European continent and in Australia.

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Stace Constantinou

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United Kingdom
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