The Lost Body Of Nothing (I)

Additional Information


Stereophonic Electroacoustic Music, circa 51 minutes 

Composed by Stace Constantinou, 2004 

THE LOST BODY OF NOTHING is a series of pieces. The work is a momentary eclipse, a plunge into the unknown, a cool first attempt to capture in music, something of the nature of my experiences of meditation.

Composed on the quiet, enveloped in the dead of night, in a remote place, THE LOST BODY OF NOTHING consists of recorded cello strings and sine waves that are proportionately related to one another. These materials are then manipulated using simple digital signal processing techniques, such as pitch-shift, amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, a dab of equalisation, and a light splash of reverberation. 

I initially dismissed these works as nothing more than an intrinsically satisfying exercise in sound manipulation. So they became lost, buried somewhere on a distant, neglected and forgotten computer hard-drive. Indeed, I had not even realised that I’d created three disks worth of material! Having re-discovered this body of work, whilst searching for other materials, I though that perhaps, you may find it interesting. 

Stace Constantinou,

August 2004