Some A is B



Additional Information

For improvised cello+live-electronics, voice, spoken word, found sound and audience participation. 

Duration: 60 minutes 

Composed and Performed by Stace Constantinou 

Here are two sonic-flyers of my piece to give you an idea of what the concert will sound like. The piece was premiered in 2016, and performed again with the kind support of the Ralph Vaughan Williams Trust: 

Some A is B explores the musical and sonic possibilities of improvised solo cello, immersive soundscape, found-sounds and audience participation. It attempts to move into a new musical realm using a combination of new and old technology, as well as musical thought fused with philosophical inspiration. 

The title is taken from Aristotle‚Äôs logic of Syllogism. The class of entities represented by A is the piece. The predicate, represented by B, is the disruption inherent in the potential audience participation. C denotes a positive effect on the music experience. Therefore, some A is C? 

The found-sounds provide a concrete immutable musical force against which the cello improvises. The live electronics merge the concrete sounds with the live cello, as well as acting as a potential disruptive element, forcing the instrumentalist to constantly re-vitalise their performance. Audience members are invited to participate by reading texts of, either their own-choice, or one provided by the artist. 

This piece deals with the sound of atmospheres of memory, loss and the aesthetic implications that arise from such realities, and or imaginings. The musical fabric is framed by a formal experiential encounter of the present, with the past referenced as a potential re-constituted agent leading to the now.