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For solo microtonal trumpet (2018).

'Microtones present various, interesting problems for the modern musician. Not only do they raise the question: can these microtones be performed harmonically and/ or melodically on a given instrument and by a particular performer? But also, how should they be notated?

Prelunit has been composed for Stephen Altoft to play on his quarter-tone trumpet. I wrote it having studied the guides he and the composer Donald Bousted published as well as after having many discussions with them about microtonal music.

In composing Prelunit I have attempted to keep the notation as clear-cut as possible. But have tried to also consider the view that a musical work can concurrently be virtuosic, complex, simple, beautiful and aesthetically challenging'.

Stace Constantinou, 29 June 2020.

Performed and recorded by Steve Altoft 

Recording: Stephen Altoft

Post Production: Donald Bousted

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