Electrorganic Landscape I

Additional Information

Electrorganic Landscape I (1999) 

Stereophonic electroacoustic music

Duration: 13' 59''

A contradiction of our modern industrial age is a nostalgia for an rural idyll, whilst mindlessly consuming natural resources and destroying the environment which sustains us. 

The nuclear powerstation, once Sellafield now Windscale, has over the years been embroiled in various controversies. The location of the powerstation is the majestic coastal area of northern England, in the county of Cumbria. Sounds recorded around the station have been used, of both industry and nature. 

This piece explores in sound our (human) desire (perhaps fantasy) for an idyl, a utopian dream, symbolised most often by an unspoilt rural landscape. This desire is isolated in us, because our actions are those of mindlessness. A seemingly inexhaustible rise in consumption of more and more of our environment's resources. And our apparent inability to live in a sustainable way.