Partial Outsiders

Additional Information

Julie Samuels and I through this soundscape, explore our individual cultural identities. Julie's Caribbean heritage and my father's Greek Cypriot origins.

This project is the culmination of a series of conversations about the impact of colonialism, and how our individual identities are shaped by ancestral pasts. The soundscape composed by me is a narrative exploration of these themes. Julie's words and ideas have shaped the work.

I have created various soundscapes over the years. Working with a visual artist afforded me a lot of creative freedom, whilst, injecting insightful ideas into my stream of thought.

This collaboration felt like a natural extension of my own creative individuality, without conflict. This project also gave me an opportunity to explore this method of working and its themes. To have the soundscape mixed by sound engineer and record producer Tony Platt is a real honour.

My soundscapes are most often freely intuited musical works, with perhaps some kind of conceptual framework delineating the boundary of the sonic exploration. I started with The Lost Body Of Nothing, which then became a series (The Lost Body of Nothing II followed by The Lost Heart Of Nothing was composed during Lock-Down in 2021).


released November 4, 2023

Stace Constantinou: Composer, sound recordist and music/ sound organiser.

Julie Samuels: Collaborator, concept and vision.

Mix Engineer: Tony Platt "Have Ears, Will Travel"