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recordings made in south iceland during a field trip june 2015

I do get fascinated by the details of sounds that might, to some, appear uninteresting or monotonous at first. That almost programmed response of filtering out sounds that we don't perceive as either musical enough or part of a narrative is liberating to break through. What at first appears constant reveals itself to be seemingly endless micro events - complex variations at a minute level.

iceland is a country that gives one the chance to record in landscapes and spaces that are mostly unaffected by noise pollution, especially when compared to most other European countries for example, and doing so allows me to continue to think about what the reality is of the environments we initially perceive as quiet or still. How we impose our expectations on such places and whether we really listen to what is there or what we want from what is there. Often I use non-conventional microphones to listen in on different sonic realities and in this composition I have placed six recordings of a single geothermal area in southern iceland, made using an ultrasonic detector, into a durational frame. 





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June 2015
Jez riley french
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portable music