blossom, cover - score for stillness

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‘blossom cover’ - score for stillness a performance space should be chosen - matters to be considered are:

. there should be one large white, empty, flat wall with another facing it . the space should be as clear from visual or audible distraction as possible . the space should feel tentative but emotive . there should be a sense of openness in the space

a recording of the empty performance space should be made - the available recorder should be fully powered and have an empty memory card or other recording media installed - the recorder should be left in the space on its own to record until its memory is full -

the image should be projected on one wall of the performance space, as large as possible - taking up the entire wall - no other light should be in the space except for the projected image - comfortable seating should be placed in the space, facing the projected image -

the recording of the space should be played back into the space - the volume should add the recordings personality to the ambient audible silence but not cover it - four active speakers should be used - each speaker should be adjusted until the sound feels warm -

the duration of the performance is decided by the length of the recording....

JrF 2011 



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