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photographic score (2010) for ensemble

two approaches:

one; performers should record a 20 minute realisation of the score, keeping in mind an essential use of space & tone not only in this ‘solo’ but also knowing that it will be placed with other realisations, overlapping, to form one 20 or 40 minute ensemble version - whether or not the full 20 minutes of each performers interpretation is used will be decided by the placement of each recording, composed by myself. Restraint should come from the nature of the image, the tentative, the assured, the minute and the immense vistas....there should be more space than overtly performed sound....

natrual sounds of the environment in which the recording takes place are to be a guideline for the maximum volume of any performed sound & no attempt to limit their inclusion on the recording should be made....

two; an ensemble of between 4 & 10 players should perform the piece without any prior rehearsal, indoors but with any windows open & with the direction ‘immesity in the smallest detail, a warming quietude’


duration 20 minutes





Score file