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recorded in the val d’aupa, italy during a residency in dordolla - april / may 2014 recorded using JrF c-series contact microphones and adapted geophones

when it comes to field recording, for me the act of composition centres around an intuitive sense of if or when to press record and when to not break the moment.

during this particular trip I spent a week in the val d'aupa region of Italy, creating a piece for an arts festival in dordolla, a small mountain village and would listen to the sound of this footbridge each day. Often it simply rattled slightly and, on still days, barely made a sound at all, except for the way it filtered the audible trace of the river beneath. Then, for an hour or so one day the wind was blowing at a speed, strength and in a direction that it created the slowly shifting resonances heard in this piece. I listened for awhile and decided to press record. The piece forms around a recording of the bridge using an adapted geophone on its support blocks. The central section was recorded using JrF c- series contact microphones attached the bridge railings. The recordings are unedited and have not been processed - for me this is important to my way of working and even though the wind can be heard brushing up against the microphones I accept that as part of the chance nature of this form of response to the act of listening. I am concerned with moments that happen not in constantly adjusting equipment in order to achieve something 'better' in a purely technical sense. There's something about this approach that I simply connect to in a more enjoyable and challenging way. 





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April / May 2015
Jez riley French
Record company
portable music