Mr and Mrs Spikky Sparrow

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Mr and Mrs Spikky Sparrow.
Words by Edward Lear.
I would like to thank the spnm and BBC Singers for this wonderful opportunity to write this piece as part of the State of the Nation weekend. My original idea was to write a sad piece, but after looking out into the garden and listening to the birds chirping away, I felt transported into a different world. The chorus of the starlings, sparrows and other birds gave me the inspiration to use Edward Lear's poem. The apple tree outside was full of birds, feasting on the fruits. Their song grew to a loud noisy climax. Suddenly the chorus stopped abruptly. There was total silence. Then before the birds flew away, they gave a last few single chirps. This unique experience, although it happens often in autumn is never the same. The bird's chorus is each time different and individual. This time, after listening to their song and with this opportunity in mind I decided to transfer this event into my own music. At the same time I wanted to write something humoresque and inspire others to listen to nature and to keep our natural world unharmed from pollution. Edward Lear's poem is most suitable for this




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