Sonja Grossner


Sonja was born in Berkshire, UK. A holiday trip in 1960 turned into a permanent stay in former East Germany, where she studied violin and composition with Manfred Weiss at the “Carl Maria von Weber Hochschule fur Musik” in Dresden, prior to working as both a music teacher and a violinist in the Freiberg Theater Orchestra and the Dresden Operetta Theater. Following her return to the UK in 1984 she continued to work as an instrumental tutor. In 1995 she completed her MA in composition at De Montfort University, studying with Gavin Bryars. 2005 she completed her PhD at the Birmingham Conservatoire. Her String Quartet no 4 won the Almira String Quartet competition for 2002, and “Song of Pan” was performed in Italy at the International conference in Teramo 2002. In 2004 she was awarded a graduation composition prize and a performance of the fifth movement of 2nd symphony in June. Many of her compositions can be heard on Radio Indonesia.
Compositions have now been performed as well as in the UK, in Germany, France, Ireland, Czech Republic, and Italy. Works recorded onto CD by Vienna Modern Masters have been heard as well as in Vienna, in USA and other countries. Now also on: Radio Indonesia, (performed on a weekly basis), Hildegard to Hildegard, Seabird studios in USA;
Recording on CD of “Destiny”, and “From Dark To Light”, (final section of ballet, “The Little Match Girl”) by Vienna Modern Masters.