Awakening world

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This composition is a musical painting. I have called this composition, 'Awakening World' because I wanted to paint a musical picture of life in today’s world; a world where people are so busy that there is little time for thoughts about the future.
The first movement, expresses life in a city. It is evening and walking along you come past a night club. There life has just begun. The music drifting through the closed door gives an unconcerned atmosphere of a happy go lucky nature. A short while later, over there is a lonely basking musician, playing his instrument and hoping for some cash to survive. A little later a little bird is fluttering around searching for its companions who flew away leaving it on its own. Our walk continues through the city back home.
The second movement, dreaming in bed and thinking about the events of the day is of a slightly more concerned nature. That little bird, hope it found its companions and that basking musician, he seemed homeless. Has he found somewhere to stay the night?
This movement ends with the flute conversing with a solo cello.
The third movement, awakening next morning by a thunderstorm outside, thoughts of what can one do to help and change this sleepy uncaring world, how come there are people homeless and in need. The excitement in this movement expresses emotions and feelings of the wish that we could all live together in peace and harmony.
The flute, as the solo instrument seemed appropriate for this idea, as it’s a delicate instrument, yet can be powerful. The movement ends with a peaceful positive note, although short.