Genesis, Symphony in 7 movements

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Genesis is a seven movement musical narrative dealing with the evolving evolution of life from the dawn of time until today, the destructive nature of the human race and the political issues surrounding this negative fact and the distant uncertain future.
By combining different musical techniques and styles, co-existing here side by side, I have found a way to express my views of an ideal utopian world, of a society where everyone lives together in harmony and peace. I have completed my musical narrative with a poem my mother wrote sometime before 1933, in a time of deprivation and extreme hardship and to complete the symphony with a section from a psalm, the last words; ‘that mortal men may cause terror no more’ as a plea to humanity. The poem is written in German and describes the poverty and needs of simple everyday folk.
Genesis was written with three sources in mind:
1) Social political background conveying a message that is especially dominant in this seventh movement: Our world today and the future.
2) Natural evolution: natural forces and extinction of species: the extinction of the dinosaurs, the meteoroids hitting earth, endangered animals and loss of ancient civilizations.
3) The first book of the bible: Genesis:
Each movement is a period in time of the evolution history, and a musical description of the beauties of nature.




'Genesis' 5th movement