.Little Match Girl

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I have kept to the original story until movement four.
The first movement informs us about the little girl alone on a new years eve, cold and hungry, walking on the streets in the snow selling matches. Looking through the windows of the houses, she sees the people enjoying themselves.

The second movement starts with a snow flake dance and new years celebrations. In all the windows lights were shining, and there was a glorious smell of food. The little girl cowers between the houses, cold and freezing. The winds whistle, and it is freezing cold.

The third movement deals with the five visions. Between each vision the little girl lights a match which conjures up a new vision. The stove dances, the fire dances as well as the roast goose creating a grotesque situation. The little girl looks on as the goose, striped of all its feathers dances with a knife and fork stuck into it.
By vision three she sees a beautiful Christmas tree with wonderful decorations. The stars in the night sky come down to her and dance around her, inviting her to join in. At last the grand mother appears smiling and inviting her.
After this fifth vision the little girl is frozen, but she is smiling. Here ends the original story

The fourth movement is added on, and my ending is a happier and far more positive one.
The mother appears on the scene searching for her child. She is in despair as she discovers her child frozen. People passing discover the mother with her child, but they are unable to help. It is too late. They gather around the mother and try to comfort her.
The frantic pleas and prayers from the mother are heard and answered as the grand mother appears as a ghost. She brings the child back to life. People come out of their houses and see in amazement the wonderful things happening. The little girl awakens, and finds herself in the arms of her mother. Mother and child reunited dance together. The grandmother appears again one last time in the distance. People come out of their houses bringing food and presents, sharing everything with everyone.
The little girl is the centre to all that is happening. There is plenty of presents and food, especially for the little girl.
I have given this tragic tale a joyful and happy end. It need not end as in the original story.





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