Additional Information

Rains is a short piano piece inspired by summer rain falls. A gentle, meditative flow of rain forms the anchor of the piece, over which a singing melody floats. The downpour becomes more powerful in the central section of the piece as its range and complexity increases, before the gentle flow of rain returns, slows and finally stops.

Rains was written in August 2014 and is approximately 3 minutes 30 seconds in length. It is approximately grade 5 in difficulty.


Notes for performers

The piece is intended to be performed rubato. Please feel to use this as much (or as little) as you want. Articulation marks are for guidance only, and represent one of many ways this piece can be interpreted and played; if you decide on an alternative set of articulations these are just as valid. The same is true of the dynamic markings. The sustain pedal should be used liberally throughout.


The score for Rains can be purchased via Payhip (digital PDF delivery): 




Dylan Christopher