The Ballad of Alice Stokes

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Cracked Voices is a classical song cycle based on stories of forgotten characters from the borderlands of Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. A collaboration between writer Graham Palmer and Jenni Pinnock, the cycle comprises of 12 songs (and linking narrations), set for a combination of soprano, baritone, clarinets and piano:

1) Those Who Wait (soprano/clarinet/piano)

2) Riddle the First (baritone/clarinet/piano)

3) The Ballad of Alice Stokes (soprano/bass clarinet/piano)

4) Composite Man (soprano/baritone/clarinet)

5) A Doubtful Loss (soprano/baritone/clarinet/piano)

6) The Blessing of the Road-born Child (soprano/clarinet)

7) Domestic Economy (soprano/baritone/clarinet/piano)

8) The Devil and the Draper (soprano/baritone/piano)

9) Jesus from Hut 7 (baritone/piano)

10) A distant murmuration (soprano/clarinet/piano)

11) Earthrise (baritone/piano)

12) Curating the collection (soprano/baritone/clarinet/piano


The linked song here - The Ballad of Alice Stokes - is one of 12 songs in the cycle. For more information about the cycle:

- Visit the website -

- Download the album from Bandcamp:

Cracked Voices was written in 2017/18 and was made possible by support by the Arts Council's Grants for the Arts scheme, and PRS Foundation's Open Fund for Music Creators. 





Cracked Voices (song cycle)