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This work for solo piano is based around the situation of being a captive – in any sense of the word, whether mentally or physically – and the desire to break free. This captivity is reflected by the constant reprise of the initial theme and its retrograde inversion, the way the notes fall on the piano and the piece’s reluctance to change key. 

The piece begins with the melody of the captive, growing and developing as their desperation becomes more apparent, before resigning themselves to their captivity. The theme is drawn out and repeated, reflecting both the tedium of the situation and yet the simplicity implicit in being captive.

The mind, however, longs to break free of the situation and loosens its ties. After a short, sharp return to the real world, its true break for freedom occurs. However, inevitably, it must eventually retun to reality.

Captive was written in 2010, and is post grade 8 in difficulty. It is roughly five minutes in duration. 


Captive is available from Payhip (digital PDF download):




Captive (excerpts)