Doodlings, Set 4



Additional Information

Doodlings, Set 4. Janet Graham


Music therapy training opened up opportunities for exploring modes and idioms which I had not considered before, such as the Pentatonic and Whole Tone scales along with their characteristic intervals and harmonic possibilities.


These 3 pieces are intended to be played as a suite if possible, and the opening phrase of the 1st piece is echoed in the opening, central and closing passages of the 3rd.


The 2nd piece uses the Whole Tone scales on C and C#, which gives availability to all notes of the chromatic scale.


The 3rd piece is a straightforward arrangement of a Welsh cradle song which has only 1 note outside the Pentatonic. While setting it in F# Major, I have tried to incorporate something of the Pentatonic in its use of intervals.



1. Playing with the Pentatonic. 2. Whole tone (doubled). 3. An almost Pentatonic Tune, Suo Gan (Welsh Lullaby)