Feathers (chorus SATB)

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Feathers sets a fragment of text from Ovid’s Metamorphosis:

Why should it be that they have feathers now and feet of birds, though still a girl's fair face, the sweet-voiced Sirens? Was it not because, when Proserpine was picking those spring flowers, they were her comrades there, and, when in vain they’d sought for her through all the lands, they prayed for wings to carry them across the waves, so that the seas should know their search, and found the gods gracious, and then suddenly saw golden plumage clothing all their limbs? Yet to reserve that power of glorious song, their melodies' enchantment, they retained their fair girls' features and their human voice.

This is the first of three choral settings of Ovid. Composed in 2018, it was first performed by the Elysian Singers in November 2021.


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