Cello Concerto No.2 (First Movement)

Additional Information

This is the particell of the first movement of the Cello Concerto No.2. Started in 2016, the composer is currently in the process of finishing the orchestration of the piece: second and third movements will be added in due course.

In 1978/79 the composer wrote his first concerto for cello while a post-graduate student at the Sibelius Academy under the tutelage of Einojuhani Rautavvara having been awarded a Finnish Government Studentship and a Welsh Arts Council Award to Young Artists.  The score of that piece is now, he thinks, lost.

The musical material is derived from a bi-tonal clash presented at the outset, C minor and D major being mutually incompatible; second subject materal uses a minor scale with the sharpened 4th.  Arguments presented elsewhere by the composer in defence of a continuing place for straightforward musical forms as used in his Piano Concerto are just as relevant here.  Far from viewing tonal (as in "key") peregrinations as pointless in the sense that Classical sonata-form was once described to him as as "pointless" in terms of key structure it is very much the essence here.  Recapitulation in D flat, as an illustration, does not satisfactorily conclude the musical argument - not that it is, in any case, concluded at the end.  Besides which the cello - like the violin - tends to demand certain keys.  (Where natural harmonics are used at the end of the movement, an alternative is suggested if the written F is too out of tune.)

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