The Whole Inside (2019)

Additional Information

The Whole Inside is a generative sound mural combining artificial and human voices, expanding the plastic dimension of voice on contouring the body. The work confronts femininity and abuse, when the body is being depersonalised, subsequently dissociated as a defence mechanism to cope with a traumatic event. The harrowing polyphonic vocal composition is based on a text sourced from the Incels (involuntary celibates) forum. On debating how to murder a woman, some members of the Incels community propose diverse actions, one being to rape her then to “take a surgical knife, cut open her abdominal area and remove the organs”.

Since October 2018, the website ‘’ has been suspended due to the content that violated the domain’s anti-abuse policy.

Applying principle of conditional logic, the randomised audio is carrying on indefinitely, revealing itself over time to the experiencers.



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