I Am the Figure in the Landscape (2020)

Additional Information

In lockdown - for experimental purposes - I developed another audio-visual piece: 'I am The Figure in the Landscape', with an audio excerpt from 'The Sculptor Speaks', featuring Barbara Hepworth's voice. The intention was to document the process of working on a visual maquette at home - for my audiovisual work 'The Sculptor Speaks' (2020) - taking a further inspiration from my original sketches for an installation. I projected the seascape on the wall as moving image. Then I filmed myself - the figure - installing lines of washi tape, creating a fragile form. French director Agnès Varda, in her documentary 'The Gleaners and I' (2000), made room for exposing the creative process itself of making the film. Varda included herself in the image at times, either combing her newly discovered grey hair, or revealing her aging hands. In my short film, the task of carefully placing the washi tape conveys the artists at work - The Sculptor and I. It is an evocation of the sculptor tracing the form before carving the material whilst alluding to the magnetic tape itself being unfolded as we hear it in my resounding. I chose deliberately not to make any editing. It is a durational performance art, the fragile form emerging in real time.