doggerLANDscape (2023)

Additional Information

doggerLANDscape is a multimedia suite comprising an album and a video art form based on Doggerland, the land that used to stretch between today’s coast of Britain and Europe. Around 8000 years ago, the river Thames was then connected to the Rhine. Doggerland was a place of human habitation - we were not always an island.

The album consists of six songs and comes to a close with a ten-minute spoken word piece. Anthropological Travelogue is composed from Louvel’s travel notebooks, taking us across four locations, Cleethorpes, Mablethorpe, Wolla Bank and Trusthorpe, in Lincolnshire

The contemplative video art accompanying the album release is based on Louvel’s search for the remnants of the submerged forest of Doggerland on the Lincolnshire coast. It is documenting her geological finds of the ancient tree’s remnants appearing at neap tide.




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