Water Music

Additional Information

Water Music is an album of music made from field recordings of water. The field recordings were made between June and October 2014.  The tracks combine stretched and filtered samples from these, along with fragments of the original recordings. They're all drone-based to some extent, though this aspect varies in prominence.

Most of the filtering is based upon overtones of two frequencies: 50Hz, the frequency of the National Grid in the U.K. (an artificial frquency that surrounds us), and 7.83Hz, the resonant frequency of the Earth (a natural frequency that surrounds us). The ways these two pitch sets interact or conflict with each other reflects our ambiguous relationship with our environment: sometimes harmonious, sometimes antagonistic.  The sources progress from the domestic/ personal to the public/political. All the places I recorded have personal significance for me. What we rarely consider is that even the private spaces of our lives have wider social and political resonances.

The album is available to download from https://peternagle.bandcamp.com/album/water-music





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