Automatic Writing

Additional Information

Automatic Writing was written and recorded during February 2016 for the RPM Challenge (

It's a 10-track album combining elements of chance, improvisation, collage and doom metal.

The rules I imposed on myself for the project were:

 1) No pre-composition.

 2) Recordings must be made using only objects already existing in the environment where the recording is being made. No object to be intentionally introduced.

 3) Conventional instruments may be used, but must not be brought artificially into the environment where the recording is being made and must be played as they are, with no tuning or other preparation.

 4) Performed elements must not be edited (other than superimposition for collage).

 5) Collage elements must be superimposed randomly with no editing or time-shifting once they have been placed.

 6) Only material recorded during February 2016 to be used in the making of the tracks.

 7) No re-takes.

 8) The order the tracks are on the album is the order in which they were conceived/ executed.

 9) No fine-tuning to correct perceived flaws in the result: whatever happens is what it is.

10) Must think of a 10th commandment

I broke all of these rules at least once.

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Empty Room (for Alvin Lucier)