Violin Concerto

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This Violin Concerto consists of 12 'Songs' that can be performed in any sequential order as chosen by the soloist. The individual songs can be performed also separately as standalone pieces, and also, smaller collections of songs can be selected and performed in any combinations and sequences.

The songs can be either dovetailed or separated, as chosen by the soloist.

The orchestral parts in this score can be performed either by a string quintet or a string ensemble, or a larger string orchestra.

Although structurally it may appear that the 12 songs are separate pieces, they are all interconnected - more particularly a method is used where 3 ideas are revealed through 4 aspects/modes or expression/ resulting in a structure of 12 densely interconnected movements, comprising inner sub-structures in 4 groups of 3 songs each, and 3 groups of 4 songs each (as shown in the cypher/list below). For this reason the Concerto works as a holistic work with a symphonic structure, regardless of whether that unity would be emphasised further by dovetailing the songs together, or separating them would emphasise the granular nature of the cycle, and regardless of any rearrangement of sequence order. These features are left to the discretion of the soloist, and the manifold possible combinations are all equally valid options for performing and hearing the work.

The Concerto is dedicated to all medical doctors, researchers, health workers and carers. It was completed in London during the first COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, and written especially for Vasko Vassilev, who’s amazing artistry as a Violinist has been a major inspiration for this work. He is the soloist in the recording produced in London and Valencia during the second lockdown, and released as an album on Trittico Records, London, accompanied by the Covent Garden Soloists - leaders from the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London.

The inner interconnections between the movements is exemplified in the following cypher:

1. МтО 2. МтС 3. МтД 4. ЛО 5. ЛС 6. ЛД  7. ЙО 8. ЙС 9. ЙД 10. МрО 11. МрС 12. МрД

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Vasko Vassilev, Covent Garden Soloists
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Violin Concerto