Symphonic Triptych No.3 ‘The Secret’

Additional Information

This Triptych is composed of 3 symphonic works:

The Secret (2012)

The Secret II (2018-2020)

The Secret III (2020)


These pieces can be performed either as separate standalone works, or together, as a Symphony, where the concert order of movements can be chosen by the performers/conductor. (There are 6 possible combinations, which are valid possibilities).


The Secret (2012) was commissioned by the Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra within my tenure as Composer in Residence at the City of Heidelberg - "Komponist Für Heidelberg 2012|13", and premiered by the Orchestra on 20/02/2013 at Stadthalle Heidelberg, conducted by myself.

The Secret II and III were completed during the covid-19 lockdown in London.

Perusal Score download link below at 'view score'.



The Secret

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