Soil Flow

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A commission to write a selection of  mixtures  based around the photos and sculptures of Ursle Von Matihide. I decided to work with the emotional resonance and attention to detail  in Matihides’ work.Through the summer of 2016 I wrote a series of sound works based on the sound of imaginary body parts.

Drawing the Sound as Process

An important part of the process was to draw a score first  and then compose. The works are a series of miniature sound worlds which were improvised together as one for the final performance.

Matihides work was based on the connections between technology, nature and humans. Her sculptures were derived from tiny micro details of plastic and wood. Her photo’s were stark images of humans or parts of bodies against images of nature. My  work was presented live six miniatures which lasted around 35-40 minutes to open the exhibition.The sound was all combined together to make an electronic state of flux.

Titles of Miniatures

My heart, it weighs a kilo


Soil crown

Violence and love

You have atoms for eyes

Debts dissolve in the ground


MILK  Instrument Design 

I performed with combining the new electronic  instrument MILK  which I co designed with the Artist Jack Jelfs. MILK worked with live vocal oscillation in performance with the pre recorded electronic material. MILK was commissioned by my self  from Jack Jelfs especially for this performance. MILK was a progression for me as a composer as I wanted to work with an instrument that was designed for myself. I worked with Jack on the ergonomic design of MILK It was designed specifically for my use and I have limited use of my arms and hands . I choose to work with vocal oscillations through the adapting of a Shure Beta 4 Condenser Microphone.   




Electronic interdisciplinary Collaboration
Score file


Date published
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September 2016
Jo Thomas
Record company
Künstlerhaus S11 CH 4502 Solothurn