Burnt Savage

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Burnt is the savage that replaced the light that watched our sun lower into roof tops and houses.that slaughtered and stilled to the dance mauled its mis used technologies issuing drones of functionless activity 


Together we are 


High screaming, fierce force and brutal,driving liquid spaces apart while pretending to sleep

Pretending to sleep on a stomach full of cake and leu

While sleep is the food beyond purchase we become burnt around the edges of a haphazard life … mistakes that lead to disasters with finite technologies small to be viewed and yet nemesis desire we burn 


we are burnt with a savage desire we watch we are burning we are beyond sleep


High scream fierce force and brutal need stones thrown 

beer drunk cain franchise of innovation Invisible to touch with rights covered beyond disks are lost  … run to desperate burnt yellow becomes the light bitter grey driving from the car 

burnt yellow our light

Plastic advertising charm us to final phone statements  debt beyond control why and what is impossible to comprehend almost as if it is written in to our biological being our blood our rate of heart our excess  out of control

A tragic loss, for to much is beyond our consumption


Have we lost our way? 

Burnt through and out of our known pathways of understanding.Dripping of flesh and stinking dirt. Our bodies embellished with additive materials coded into our skins, a generation in transition



Desperate new narratives and acquiring

Together we are.




Burnt Savage