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Dave Clarkson's fourth release for Linear Obsessional moves away from the coastal concerns of previous releases to explore the unique atmospheres of the UK's sonically rich underground. Six tracks recorded in unique caves, with no additional sounds to the orginal recordings but "Some left pure, some processed, some mangled, some untangled"
Released as a limited edition cassette and a download - "A Pocket Guide" enhances Clarkson's reputation as one of the most imaginative sonic pyschogeographers in the UK.

Track 1: Stoney Middleton

Stoney Middleton is a village in the White Peak area of the Peak District in Derbyshire, England. At the eastern end of the village lies a geothermal spring which starts the journey descending into subterrrania.

Track 2: White Scar

White Scar cave is located in the civil parish of Ingleton in North Yorkshire, England. It is formed in carboniferous limestone some 6 kilometres long. It is one of the largest known cave chambers in Great Britain. Exploring the cave involves relatively easy access through narrow passages which open into pools and further networks. The sound of water flow and droplets combine with the distant bass rumble, echo and scrapes. Emotional experiences include mood change, anxiety and psychological tension several hundred yards into the cave in total darkness. Outside close to the cave entrance, a percussive water pump housed in a shed enclosure continually works itself.

Track 3: Blue John

Blue John is a semi-precious mineral, a form of fluorite with bands of purple-blue or yellowish colour. In the UK it is found only at Blue John cavern at Castleton, Derbyshire, England. The cavern is a vast space of continual low ambient sound encompasing water, stone and distant voices.

Track 4: Clear Well

Clearwell cave in Gloucestershire, England, is a natural cave system which has been extensively mined for iron ore. There is a deep spiritual feeling of voices on location. Claims of paranormal phenomena have been made over the years including the sounds of metal clanging, footsteps and pick axes.

Track 5: West Wycombe

West Wycombe is the location of the Hellfire caves, man-made and dug by hand in the 1700s. The caves were used by various political and social 18th century figures to conduct pagan rituals. Now a tourist site, the long winding passages present a less natural cave experience but an interesting stroll through history. A quiet ambient piano recording can be heard at the pit of the cave which from a distance sounds like a lone pianist.

Track 6: Church Cove

A narrow rocky cove set between cliffs on the eastern side of the Lizard peninsular in Cornwall, Church Cove is a cave within the cliffs featuring rock pools, gullies and an area of stunning scenery. There exists a colourful palette of wild water sounds from deep gulps to sea spray.

All sounds recorded on location. Some left pure, some processed, some mangled, some untangled.

Composition, production and mastering by Dave Clarkson at Cavendish House studios during 2018.

Tim Fairs - Track verification, geological expertise and location safety and advice.

"After last year's 'Blue Guide To Shore Ghosts And Sea Mystery', Manchester-based field recorder/producer Clarkson moves inland where he explores the unique atmospheres of the UKs sonically rich underground. The six tracks on this longest album title of the year contender are composed using, in the main, untreated recordings from British caves. The use of the water pump to create the rhythm on 'White Scar' is exactly why artists like Clarkson are very welcome on these pages".
Neil Mason, Electronic Sound magazine, 12 July 2019.





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