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Released on the Linear Obsessional Recordings label on 21 Dec 2017 as a download and a limited numbered edition of 100 CDs. Each CD is enclosed in a plastic flexible case with a liner insert. Also includes pdf book.

Catalogue Number: LOR099

A themed collection of music based on supernatural and mysterious aquatic subject matter. Expanding the palette from the field recordings and subdued electronics of the previous releases ("Music for Lighthouses" and "Coastal Quicksands of the British Isles") to include drum kits, guitars, scratched '78s and harmonica as well as guest musicians Graham Massey (of 808 State and Biting Tongues) on saxophones and assorted percussion, and Ruth Davies on Cello. The resultant music is a triumphant combination of unsettling but absorbing sounds with a new interest in acoustic instrumentation, and even a Krautrock feel at moments."Shore Ghosts and Sea Mystery" sees Clarkson exploring expansive new waters...

Dave Clarkson - Synths and keyboards, guitars, drum kit, drum machine, harmonica, field recordings, scratched 78s.

Graham Massey: Bamboo flute, bell tree, congas, glockenspiel, melodica, skulls, vibraphone (Track 4).
Baritone saxophone and bass clarinet (Track 6).

Ruth Davies: Cello (Track 4).

All tracks written and produced by Dave Clarkson except, tracks 4 & 6 written and produced by Dave Clarkson & Graham Massey.

Recorded: April 2016 - January 2017.

Cavendish House Studio,


"The Manchester-based recondite electronicist follows last year's 'A Red Guide to the Coastal Quicksands of the British Isles' with this equally intriguing, aquatically-themed outing. Expanding on gentle electronics and field recordings, Clarkson ropes in 808 State's Graham Massey (sax/assorted percussion) and cellist Ruth Davies, to great effect. Tracks like the drifting mist of 'Kraken', the unsettling ebb and flow of 'Ancient Mariners Seasick and Scurvy' and the cries of 'The Ghost Whale' make for an unsettingly powerful listen".
NEIL MASON, ELECTRONIC SOUND Magazine, Issue 39, 2018.





A Blue Guide to Shore Ghosts and Sea Mystery