Dave Clarkson


Over the last 30 years, Manchester (UK) based Dave Clarkson has been involved in many areas of music, mainly electronic and experimental.

His current solo work involves the creation of a series of ‘A Pocket Guide to…’ albums using field recordings as source sound for music compositions.

Dave is also a member of the electronic-guitar duo SCISSORGUN with Alan Hempsall (Crispy Ambulance) and also SPECTRAL BAZAAR with Ruth Davies.

In previous years 2014 to 2017, Clarkson was involve in various collaborations with Alistair Stray (PSYCHIC FREQUENCIES) and with RADICAL ELSEWHERE as well as providing soundtrack music to various films, notably Human Avatars (also featuring Vini Reilly from Durutti Column).

Clarkson was part of the collective BURST COUCH who organised experimental / electronic music gigs between the years 2000 and 2010 and operated a record label (Lotta Continua) for several years with Gareth Bibby. Artists who appeared at Burst Couch events included Janek Schaefer, Keith Rowe, Colin Potter, Andrew Liles, John Everall, Karl Blake, Sisters of Transistors, Graham Massey, J Collin, Disco Operating System, Illuminati, Triclops, Imitation Electric Piano, Magic Arm, Douglas Benford, Philippe Petit, B-fab UK, Mild Man Jan, Daniel Weaver, Magic City, Opaque, Lee Patterson, Floach, Villa 21, Bess Keloid, Beat Science, Si-Cut db, VJ Fusion, Tactile, King Dice, BOSAH, Phil Mouldycliff, RPM, Albino Mosquito, Mark Pilkington, Quip, Paul Bradley, Mayming, Fonik, Danny Saul, Howard Walmsley, Denis Jones, Raz Ullah, Blue Light Fever, to name a few!

Between 2002 and 2009, Clarkson was a member of the electronic improv trio TRICLOPS and recorded solo work as ILLUMINATI. About 60 gigs were shared with the likes of Biting Tongues, Crispy Ambulance, Spaceheads, Melt Banana, 3D Tanx and many more artists.

Between 1996 and 2001, Clarkson drummed for the band WHITECUBE, sharing gigs with Sunburned Hand of the Man, Elbow and Black Curtain.


Selected Recordings:


DAVE CLARKSON - A Pocket Guide to Dream Land - Faded Fairgrounds and Coastal Ghost Towns of the British Isles (Cavendish House) - 2022

SCISSORGUN - Psychological Colouring Book (CD - Cue Dot Records) - 2021

DAVE CLARKSON - A Pocket Guide to Wilderness - Dark Woods & Deep Forests of the British Isles (Linear Obsessional) - 2021

DAVE CLARKSON - Magic Garden (CD - TQn-aut) - 2021

EYE IN THE SKY - For Horselover Fat (CD - Wormhole World) - 2021

SCISSORGUN (with Alan Hempsall) - All You Love Is Need (CD - Aural Assault Recs) - 2020

SPECTRAL BAZAAR - The Planets (Cavendish House) - 2019

DAVE CLARKSON - A Pocket Guide to Subterrania - Mysterious Caves of the British Isles (Linear Obsessional) - 2019

DAVE CLARKSON - A Blue Guide to Shore Ghosts and Sea Mystery (Linear Obsessional) - 2018

SCISSORGUN (with Alan Hempsall) - Assault 2 (Vinyl LP and CD - Aural Assault Recs) - 2017

DAVE CLARKSON - A Red Guide to Coastal Quicksands of the British Isles (Linear Obsessional) - 2017

DAVE CLARKSON - Music for Lighthouses (Linear Obsessional) - 2015

PSYCHIC FREQUENCIES - Nursed Distractions (with Alistair Stray) – Haze, 2013

PSYCHIC FREQUENCIES - Cut-Ups & Fold Ins (with Alistair Stray) - Test Tube, 2012

PSYCHIC FREQUENCIES - Projecting Disorder (with Alistair Stray) – Haze, 2012

DAVE CLARKSON (with Radical Elsewhere) - Ancient Evenings - dB 2012

ILLUMINATI - Espionage (with King Dice) - (Lotta Continua) 2007

ILLUMINATI - Meta Medica (Lotta Continua) 2006

ILLUMINATI - Ocean Almanac (Lotta Continua) 2004

ILLUMINATI - Searching for the New Land (Newsense Recs) 2004

TRICLOPS  - Aerial Zorilla Connection (Lotta Continua) 2004

TRICLOPS - Spangular Street Leakage (Lotta Continua) 2004

TRICLOPS - Vacuum Obstruction Five (Lotta Continua) 2004


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