XTRO percussion - Patrick Ellis - Festival Dag in de Branding 9 juni 2021

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Written for The Netherlands based percussion trio, Xtro, Objects and Portrait Projections is a work that uses and amplifies plastic bottles, large canisters and ceramics, with each producing different resonant sounds when amplified. Pairing these live found objects with MIDI and pre-recorded guitars, the piece takes these elements, having each of them interact and juxtapose with each other.

In addition to this, there are also on-screen visuals that feature portraits of the ensemble members and myself, as well as footage from internet archives and vintage home movies. Split into thirds, each part of the screen is mostly linked to the material played by the ensemble. Each of the clips have been edited, with several layered over each other creating an aesthetic that resembles some alternative music videos from the 1980s. Just like the musical material, the visuals interact and juxtapose with each other, as well as the sounds heard from the trio and through the speakers. 


Chamber (3 - 6 players)
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Objects and Portrait Projections

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United Kingdom
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