Patrick Ellis


Patrick Ellis (b. 1994, London) is a composer, performer and curator based in Oxfordshire, UK. In much of his concert work, he often utilises limited musical material and explores it with the use of subtle development, repetitive structures and juxtapositions. 

He has worked with many esteemed ensembles including the Residentie Orkest (NL), Kluster 5 (NL), Orkest de Ereprijs (NL), Xtro Percussion (NL), The Tantrum Saxophone Quartet (NL), The New European Ensemble (NL), The Spaceship Ensemble (NL), The Hodiernal Quartet (NL), Kirkos (IE), Thallein Ensemble (UK), The Fidelio Trio (UK), Decibel (UK), Ensemble KROCK (SE), 315 Ensemble (US/UK), The Schubert Ensemble (UK) and CHROMA (UK), and has collaborated with soloists such as Laura Sinnerton (UK, viola) of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Fenella Humphreys (UK, violin), Kathryn Williams (US/UK, flute), Huw Morgan (UK, organ), Alfian Emir Adytia (IN/NL, cello), Chris Cresswell (US, electric guitar), Xenia Pestova Bennett (RU, toy piano), Benjamin Powell (UK, piano) of Psappha Ensemble and Fumiko Miyachi (JP/UK, piano).

Performances of his work has been presented at numerous festivals and concert series across Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia, including, Gaudeamus Muziekweek (NL), Festival Dag in de Branding (NL), November Music (NL), Mittelfest and Mittelyoung Festival (IT), De Link Tilburg (NL), Sundays at The Hugh Lane Gallery (IE), AżTak Festival (PL), New Music Now NL's Dag van de Componist (NL), Kirkos Ensemble's Biosphere Festival (IE), Union Musicale (IT), Mainly Slow Organ Music (UK), Kammer Klang (UK), the Frequency Series Chicago (US), the Malaysian Composers Series (MY), the London New Wind Festival (UK), Ideas of Noise Festival (UK), the Stratford-on-Avon Music Festival (UK), Harmos Plural Festival (PT) and The Martin Read Festival (UK).

In 2022, he was the Artist in Residence for the AMPA Fontys/De Link Residency programme. Previously, he has participated in the Psappha Composing For Piano Scheme in 2019-20, as well as the 25th Edition of Orkest de Erepijs’ Young Composers Meeting and Kathryn Williams' innovative Coming Up for Air Project.

Patrick's music has been broadcasted on Dutch radio stations, NPO Radio 4, Concertzender and Stranded FM (for Gaudeamus Muziekweek), as well as US station WCNY, and has been featured on releases from Birmingham Record Company and Huddersfield Contemporary Records.

As well as composing, Patrick is the artistic director of Open Union, an electric guitar and modular synth duo with composer-performer colleague Peter Bell. Described by treasured composer Howard Skempton as being, 'sometimes subtle and unstable; sometimes rich and dense', the duo aims to build up strong collaborative relationships to create new verbal and text based works. Their current collaborators are Christine Cornwell, Wilson Leywantono, May Chi and Paolo Griffin. The duo have performed at UK events Ealing Extranormal, AMOK, Don't Mind Control, Birmingham Modular Organisation and CODA Festival, and in 2023, undertook a mini-tour of The Netherlands, as part of the Sounding Here concert series at Splendor in Amsterdam and Batavierhuis in Rotterdam.

Since February 2023, he has worked alongside Zygmund de Somogyi as the Co-director for the online Contemporary Music Magazine, PRXLUDES, where he has contributed articles featuring interviews with Sylvia Lim, Lise Morrison, Christian Drew, Laurence Osborn, Esther Wu, Celia Swart, Mia Windsor, Patrick Giguère and Alex Groves, as well features on Ivan Vukosavljević's debut album, 'The Burning', Avenue Azure's self-titled record, Ireland's most forward thinking ensemble, Kirkos ahead of their 2023 performance at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Ailís Ní Ríain's NMC release, 'The Last Time I Died', the 2023-24 National Youth Choir Young Composers and Kory Reeder's US label, Sawyer Editions. Previous interview experience includes his own Podcast series named, 'What is a Composer?' released in 2017 and a student radio show, 'In conversation with...' that was broadcasted in 2016.

He holds a Masters degree in composition from the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag (Royal Conservatoire of The Hague) and a Bachelor's degree from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. His principal tutors have included Martijn Padding, Guus Janssen, Andrew Hamilton, Seán Clancy, Ed Bennett, Howard Skempton and Michael Wolters.

Patrick has been nominated for the 2024 Gaudeamus Award with his work, 'Objects and Portrait Projections', that was originally commissioned and premiered by Xtro Percussion.