Not A Sonata


for unspecified ensemble

Additional Information

for unspecified ensemble

This second ‘one-page score’ for Club Inégales focuses on non-linear musical structures. The 'one-page score', a format frequently commissioned by Club Inégales, is traditionally a collection of musical snippets that fuel the creativity of the club’s improvising house band. The unique challenge of creating something loose and yet controlled has drawn musical responses from a range of composers, including James MacMillan and John Woolrich.

However, Not A Sonata takes the concept one step further. Containing music that ranges from driven and funky to lyrical and soft, the piece features seven through-composed sections that can be played in any order – since all were carefully crafted to perfectly align with each other. In addition, the piece specifies five motifs that can be interjected by any player at any time and still make musical sense (unless specified), encouraging players to depart from the written score once in a while. This combination of movable sections and flexible motifs allows ensembles to craft their own unique interpretation of this piece, with many sections affording the more adventurous players with an opportunity for extended soloing or improvisation, while the through-composed nature of the piece ensures structure and a musical narrative. As a result, Not A Sonata is a jazzy and fiery playground for creative performers that will delight and surprise an audience in equal measure.

“Great—spunky and funky, shades of Andriessen’s Workers Union.” – Peter Wiegold

Duration: Open