On My Mind



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"I wrote 'On My Mind' during my solo road trip across California in October 2019. Those were different times! I had a basic structure with chosen sounds and instruments on my phone, and I kept looping it on my rental car's sound system while contemplating West Coast sunsets and humming the song's chorus.

Da-bee-da-bee-da-bee-da-oo-ooh...it goes da-bee-da-bee-da-bee-da-oh...

That was on my mind driving over a thousand miles through the state of California. During my road trip, I met a lot of people and felt totally self-sufficient in exploring uncharted territories. However, the whole time I was thinking about my partner, and consequently all my loved ones. I realised how inevitably connected I am to my roots, and that wherever I am in this world there will be threads leading back to my sense of belonging. Those threads aren't to do with residency, nationality or citizenship: travelling from London to Los Angeles I realised that I can connect with places and people around the world. The threads that connect us are all about love, the people we turn to in life and in our dreams, the relationships we long for, the nostalgia, the past regrets and the future hopes.

'On My Mind' is a song about longing for love, but it's also a song about loss and past loves. My Rugema's rap verse serves as a stunning counterposition to my own. My verse introduces the "departed" woman's confession, while My Rugema's response explains the situation of a man who lost in the game of love. Together, our vocals blend beautifully with the instrumental featuring Allexa Nava on Aerophone and Shakira Malkani on drums. "

Written, produced and arranged by Shunaji.





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Allexa Nava, Shakira Malkani, Shunaji, My Rugema
On My Mind