Dirty Girls

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‘Dirty Girls’ is a reflection of my roots and inspirations that lie deep within jazz, trip-hop, synthwave and soulful music.

The track explores gender and sexuality through hip hop lyricism. Sexuality is a natural occurrence while gender is a social construct. Our society's gender-based morals expect women to conceal or isolate sexuality in our lives. In relation to slut-shaming, the Madonna-Whore dichotomy explains the polarised perception of women as either “good,” chaste, and pure Madonna’s or as “bad", sexual and tainted creatures deserving blame. In Dirty Girls, I denounce this gender-biased morality that prevents us from accepting women as fully-fledged, sexual humans.

The single alludes to deeper meanings. I use my lyrical dexterity to break down my worldview, with an eloquent and thought-provoking critique of topics such as slut-shaming, gender-based morals and the media’s role in normalising the misrepresentation of women. On ‘Dirty Girls’, I reclaim the definition of “Dirty”, to demonstrate that talking about sex and sexuality does not affect who I am as a woman, my credibility or my intellectual ability.

On ‘Dirty Girls’, I surrounded myself with talented musicians leading the lines on Trombone (Laura Impallomeni), Piano (Maria Graspa) and Drums (Shakira Malkani) and Bass (John Wright). Ultimately, ‘Dirty Girls’ is a tool to push the boundaries of gender and genre, inspiring conversation within the hip-hop and wider music communities, and challenging the status quo.





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Dirty Girls