Battered Fish



Additional Information

This piece was written as a homage to Schubert in his anniversary year.  All the rhythms have been loosely derived from The Trout, either the song or the Quintet.  The form is a highly condensed version of the quintet and the number 5 is highlighted within the structure, particularly by use of numerous five bar phrases.  The percussion instruments used are divided into five groups.  Except for the third group, which comprises marimba (used by both players) and mark tree only, each group comprises 5 instruments.  The key of the outer movements follows the song rather than the quintet in order to exploit the resonant lower register of the modern marimba.

On the full score, each instrument has a separate line, although grouped by bar lines.  The rehearsal marks are for practicality as well as reflecting musical phrases.  They act as visual markers when the players are transferring to and from the marimba, which requires a separate music stand.  A comma indicates the end of a phrase where a fraction of time could be taken to assist with a change of instrument or, if desired, a change of sticks.  However it is envisaged that the whole piece could be played on one set of sticks.  Although tuned drums are not expected, the use of a higher line implies the expectancy of a higher pitch.


            Player 1                                                           Player 2

                 Group 1                                                          Group 3

                        3 Brake drums or 3 Metal tubes             Marimba

                        Suspended cymbal                               

                        Chinese opera gong                             

                 Group 2                                                            Group 4

                        3 Congas                                                          3 Temple blocks

                        2 Bongos                                                          2 Wood blocks


                 Group 3                                                            Group 5      

                        Mark tree                                                         5 Tom-toms




Upton, Wirral
United Kingdom