5 Collection Highlights - Sculptors and Builders

We've highlighted a new group of connected composers from the collection. Check out 5 composers who work with sculpture and instrument building.


There’s a vast range of composers in the British Music Collection, so in this new feature we’ve picked out a few connected individuals for you to discover. Here we’re focusing on composers who's work involves physical sculpture and instrument building

1. Max Eastley 

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Max Eastley's work combines kinetic sculpture and sound. His creations exist on the border between the natural environment and human invervention, using the driving forces of electricity, water, wind and ice. 

Discover his profile and listen to his work here.


2. Sarah Angliss  

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Sarah Angliss is a composer, performer and maker of robotic musical instruments. Her musical work reflects her lifelong fascination with European folklore and long-forgotten machines. On stage she mixes theremin and ancient instruments with live electronics, alongside the ensemble of musical automata she’s designed and built to work alongside her.


3. Stephen Cornford 

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A graduate in sculpture from the Slade School of Fine Art, Stephen Cornford works as an experimental musician and installation artist. Much of his work involves the reconfiguring of consumer electronics.


4. Guoda Dirzyte  

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Guoda Dirzyte is an instrument designer, sound sculptor and composer. Her installation works explore kinetics, Dadaism and the usage of homemade instruments and sound sculptures. Using not only the formal shapes of traditional instruments but also D.I.Y. aesthetics and an untypical manner of playing, Guoda seeks to experiment and reinvent.

Discover her profile and listen to her work here.


5. Antoine Bertin  

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Antoine Bertin experiments with sound, sculpture and the natural environment. He creates work that uses physical medium as a key means of exploring his interests in storytelling, 'progress' and 'the unreachable'. 



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