Guoda Dirzyte


 Guoda Dirzyte aka Gong Girl (b. 1995) is a Lithuanian-born experimental musical instrument designer, composer and sound artist. Guoda’s work is mainly orientated towards exploring world music and sound culture. It focuses on the approach to life and communication rather than cultural industry, and critically examines the Eurocentric approach towards musical culture traditions. Guoda questions the purpose of art and music by exploring Dadaism, Surrealism and Fluxus movements, and applies it to her work by using found objects, experimental/noise music and destruction aesthetics.  

Guoda looks for inspiration for her homemade instruments in various world cultures. By using not only formal shapes of traditional instruments from different cultural backgrounds, but also the D.I.Y. aesthetics, an untypical manner of playing the instrument, she tries to experiment with it and reinvent it for experimental music situations. Her main interests are in African and Asian cultures, especially Japanese life aesthetics and their relation to sound/music. Guoda aims to use her designed instruments as one of the main sources of sound for her installations, compositions and audio-visual artworks.

For musical compositions and sound for screen perspective, Guoda uses field recordings, synths, homemade instruments, found objects, and different musical motives. By combining all of those elements, she searches for an unexpected, surrealistic, revolutionary sound which connects everydayness, otherness, outsiderness, improperness with intra-, inter-, alter- and trans-communicational forms. 

Her installation works are about kinetics, Dadaism, (self)destruction and usage of homemade instruments and sound sculptures which are made of junk. Her installations can be viewed as a critique of the contemporary art aesthetics and desire to make art more relevant to the ordinary life. 

Guoda combines research and writing with practical constructing and performance. She has written on Fluxus, Dadaism, Kinetics and self-destruction, and about the phenomena of the Orientalism and exoticism that form the core issues in her practical work.