On Waking (Morning)



Additional Information

This single-movement work for choir is a setting of the text 'Morning' by Rowan Sawday. It deals with the period between the end of a night's sleep (when dreams are at their most intense) and the moment of waking. The notion of focus is explored in a three-fold manner: firstly using the contrast between blurred textures and more lucid ones, drawing parallels between the dream-state and reality; secondly through the use of space, bringing the listener's attention to constantly-changing parts of the performance space; and thirdly through text, in gradually following the narrator's train of thought from abstract, dream-like imagery through to the more concrete realisations of the morning, his whereabouts, the time, the race for the train... 'On Waking (Morning)' was commissioned by MusArc through the Sound & Music 'Portfolio' Scheme, and is dedicated to my Grandpa, Douglas Ian Westwood. 'Morning' – Rowan Sawday (2013) I grab for its tail as it vanished A flash and the whale grows small Beeping Legs in the substance of dreaming It is damp on my pillow Cold is the air of the world Hot is my cave I am flicker Glimpse of a warm-headed marvel Slug in the depth of a river I am Made of a mountain of shoes Asleep for a parcel of time My father but not my father A red-footed runner on water I run through a house full of rooms My bed is a bunk at the top My city's a dust-covered ruins I stop at the window to watch the wall coming My bed in its frame My arm is a pipe full of rocks Sixteen minutes to get to the train December Clapton 11 o' clock