The Architect



Additional Information

The Architect – for choir. Dedicated to and commissioned by MusArc through the Sound & Music 'Portfolio' Scheme. On writing a new work for the choir MusArc, who have a strong affiliation with the CASS School Of Architecture, I began to realise the role of the architect is comparable to that of the composer: they are both a thinker, a dreamer of ideas, who then have to mould this idea into a conclusive and meaningful form, still within the imaginary realm. The contours of this piece follow the journey of a creative process familiar to my own experiences... From out of the great humdrum of the subconscious, a single idea suddenly emerges. It is the seed of an idea. It grows in magnitude and seeming importance, being turned over and over in the mind, until this initial inspiration runs dry. There is a subsequent period of uncertainty during which creative direction is lost - static, ambling, unconfident. Eventually, a purpose becomes clear again, and the mind begins developing it, deconstructing it, reforming it, reinventing it, exploring its nature, and searching for its ultimate form. Finally, something clicks and things begin to sink into place - the idea is realised in its conclusive state, at rest, and ready to be brought into the physical world. First performed by MusArc at Christ Church, Shoreditch, December 20th 2014. Written in Brighton, July/August 2014.