Vita Hominum

Additional Information

Vita Hominum was inspired by the early medieval history of Northumbria. With the exception of the last movement, all of the texts come from writings by the Venerable Bede. The overriding theme is of a journey from storm and uncertainty to a place of serenity. At the end of the piece, the journey resumes and the music disperses. 

Vita Hominum was developed for The Singers as part of the Adopt A Composer scheme, funded by the PRS for Music Foundation and the Philip and Dorothy Green Music Trust, and run by Making Music, in partnership with Sound and Music and BBC Radio 3. The Singers premiered the piece on the 15th of December 2018 at St George’s Church, Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Vita Hominum was composed in stages over a period of one year, and was developed in close collaboration with the choir, who provided feedback and comments throughout the process. The recording of the piece was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on the 8th of January 2019.



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