Additional Information


Unwaxed is a continuation of a recent enquiry in my instrumental music. In simple terms, I’ve been interested in finding the remarkable in the seemingly unremarkable parts of everyday life. The stimulus for Unwaxed comes entirely from the single action of peeling away a hard exterior to reveal glimpses of something mysterious and sweet. This could be as simple as removing the waxy skin from a piece of fruit to expose its flesh or perhaps alternatively, something as abstract as revealing vulnerability in an individual's personality, beneath a detached and cold surface. Even though the component parts of each example can appear disparate or offer a seemingly integral characteristic contrast, these elements are all derived from the same initial entity.


Unwaxed was a semi-finalist in the Royal Northern Sinfonia Young Composers' Competition. As a result, it was workshopped by the RNS at the Sage Gateshead under the baton of Hugh Brunt. Matthew also benefitted from mentoring on the day, from the panel consisting of Martin Suckling and Joanna Marsh.