Three Pan Love Songs. Amphitrite Nymph of the Sea

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Three Pan Love Songs (979-0708056 60 7)


Three love songs for solo flute based on three Greek mythological figures. Amphitrite, Euphrosyne Maia Three Pan Love Songs was commissioned and recorded by Nina Assimakopoulos and released by Euterpe Recordings, CD no 202, in July 2003. The work uses several innovative 20th century flute techniques, including flutter tongue and multiphonics, as well as a newly developed effect “flute pizzicato”. This sound is produced when the notes are played by releasing the tongue percussively from between the lips, letting air through without sounding the note, and keeping the head joint tilted enough for the released air to pick up the pitch fingered. There are “Three Pan Love Songs” Amphitrite, Nymph of the Sea: Euphrosyne, Grace of Mirth: and Maia, Daughter of Atlas. “With all three pieces Pan uses the milieu of each nymph to try to hypnotise and woo her” The first love song uses the coaxing ebb and flow of the sea, combined with the sounds of its unique spacious timbre. The second love song imitates the quavering giggles of Euphrosyne, the Rubenesque mistress of humour. In places the flautist is required to hum while playing.(Multiphonics) The third song strives for a somewhat ethereal version of an equestrian rhythm, because Maia liked to hunt. “These scenarios tailored to the mannerisms of each nymph are quiet evocative, and a unique addition to the repertoire” Nina Assimakopoulos. Vision * Artistry * Resonance Professor of Flute Room 1073 College of Musical Arts Bowling Green State University

These three solo pieces were commissioned and recorded by Nina Assimakopoulos and demonstrate her stunning musical and technical ability. They are only for the flautist of exceptional calibre and technical ability. If you want some stunning pieces to set you apart from other performers then these are definitely for you.

 David Golightly’s Three Pan Love Songs are also beautifully written, although they may be more complex, technically speaking, but nonetheless very attractive. This short triptych is not unlike Golightly’s much earlier, quite substantial work for solo clarinet Moods (1980), available on ASC CS CD2. Incidentally, at about 6 minutes, this is the longest work here.

Hubert Culot  British Music Society

"Three Love Songs of Pan" is an excellent and serious Art Work for the flute that is is extremely programmable and well composed.  Those that are familiar with Debussy's solo work for flute, "Syrinx", will recognise this type of  idiomatic writing, which allows for liquid colour specialties unique to the flute.  In addition, and although the work is specific in its writing, the rhythmic flow and punctuation of rests, it does lend itself to some rubato, as if improvised, again, not unlike "Syrinx". 

In this imaginative work, the descriptive writing, and the use of a recurring "Leit Motif" lend unity to the form and bring Pan's character to life. The use of  flutter tongue brings a contemporary element to the work,  yet the piece is tonal and more Neo Classical in nature. 

As a point of interest, notice the composers oft used unification technique of harmonic points DEF as a code, which occurs in several of his works.  

In conclusion, "The Three Love Songs of Pan"  is indeed well written, capturing elements of what the flute does best,  and therefore is a pleasure to play. It is a most welcomed addition to the flute literature and comes highly recommend, not only for student study but also to any serious performing artist.

Dr. September Payne San Diego State University, Grossmont and Mesa Colleges, Professor of Flute, Emeritus San Diego Coastal Flutes, Co-Founder Music West Flute Studio



1) Amphitrite Nymph of the Sea 2) Euphrosyne Grace of Mirth 3) Maia Daughter of Atlas
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979-0708056 60 7
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Three Pan Love Songs

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